BertlopersboatAbout Renny Russell

As a young man, Renny Russell set out with his brother, Terry, from their Northern California home to discover and explore the American West.

The result was On the Loose, written together, which chronicled their adventures and became an anthem for a generation, and continues to speak to readers of all ages.

But the story doesn't end there. A profound journey marked by the loss of his brother to the powerful forces of nature on the Green River, and his return to the river years later to come to terms with it, are beautifully recounted in Rock Me on the Water, a Life on the Loose.

Renny has embraced life through art and books, where his love of nature extends to observations of the sacred, profane, and humorous in the world around us. His current adventure is the art of book binding and restoration of books as art. Through it all, he has maintained a healthy scepticism for societal constructs that pale in comparison with the powerful laws of nature.

He lives in Questa, New Mexico, where he pursues his many interests in art, bookbinding, boat building and nature.

He welcomes hearing from you!

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